13x4 Lace Front Wig Review

I see what you're looking at. You're looking at me, all eyes on me when I do my thing. I got what you want getting, what you need when I burn it up. All right. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel Ms.Naturally Mary here today. We are turning up the heat. This video is about to be so fire. I have a bomb unit that I'm going to show you guys that is going to get your hair together. It's going to look so natural, so beautiful and it's affordable.

Unboxing Review Of Blonde Highlight 13x4 lace wig

This blonde highlights wig is from the Nadula hair. It's a 13 by 4 lace front unit and it is in blonde highlight color. And the color is so rich, so beautiful. It looks so much better in person than I saw on the website. Right out of the package the hair was so soft and I was so surprised by that being. It's color-treated hair. I thought it would probably be dry and stiff, but it was none of that. This unit does have 4 inches of parting space and the lace on the unit right out of the package. look good. But I am going to show you guys how to tint it so that it better matches your skin tone.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about what this color would look like on me. But I was so surprised that it looked so good against my skin tone. I could not believe it. I've tried a blonde highlight wig in the past, but nothing this rich and bright. So, I was so ready to try it on. That's what we're going to do now.

Prepare For Installing The 13x4 Lace front wig

I'm going to start by putting on a stocking cap. This one is a bit light. S I am going to color correct by using the 3d face creator. This is quick and easy that you can always do to your stocking caps. Just add your foundation color and that will help it to better match your scalp. After completing this process, it's time to try the unit on and I could not wait. Once I slid it forward I was in awe of how beautiful this blonde highlight style looks.

I showed in the past that I will always shy away from brighter colors because I didn't think they looked good on me. But it would look good on any skin tone, whether you're light-skinned, dark-skinned, this color is just so rich so radiant and I love it.I could not stop looking at it. I love the hairline, has already been pre-plucked and it gives a good amount of coverage for somebody like me who has a low hairline.

Show the 13x4 Wig on the mannequin head

Now, I'm going to put it on the mannequin head to give you all a better view of what the wig with highlights looks like. I'm sure you guys can see the highlights a little better. And that the dominating color for this unit is brown and then it has honey blonde highlights. Now in the past, whenever I've done blonde. I've always done it paired with black. But this was a nice change for me. And on the website, the curls do look a bit wavier. But I'm going to show you guys how to define them and make them look more curly.

How To Make the curls look more curly?

I'm going to wash the unit first. I'm going to be using my Aussie 71 conditioner and Felicia Leatherwood brush. Now I've already wet the hair down with water. I'm going to apply the conditioner to the hair and then define it with my brush. I'm going to actually go in and diffuse the hair using my blow dryer, see you later.

Now typically with a curly texture like this. That isn't kinky curly. I would naturally just leave in a little bit of the conditioner and that would act as a styler. But because this is color-treated hair, I want to add a bit more moisture back into the hair. I'm going to be using the curl refresher by Aussie. I'm going to spray this on, This is kind of like a leave-in conditioner and it does have jojoba oil and argan oil in it. I'm spraying that on there and I like to follow it up with my detangling brush. To define the curls.

Begin Tinning The lace

After doing this I'm going to turn the unit over and begin tinning the lace. I'm going to do this with my 3d face creator as well as my sally Hansen airbrush spray. I'm going to spray on the brush and then stipple that onto the lace.

Install The 13x4 Frontal Wig

All right. It's time to install this beauty now. The lace has been cut off, it looks so so great and I feel like I could have worn the unit glueless. I could have just added an elastic band, so that's a good option for those who do not desire to glue the unit down or apply any gel or anything. Now, I am going to be using a spray. But I'll show you guys in a moment. You could also go in and bleach the knots which will make it look even more natural. But I feel like the method that I used made it look really good, and it was quick, easy, and sufficient for me.

Now I'm going to show you guys how I chunk the curls and make the unit look even lusher. So I'm going to go in with my melanin hair care leave-in conditioner. I'm going to apply this to sections of the hair just on the ends. I'm just going to pull it around my finger and then I'm going to diffuse the curls using my blow dryer and diffuser attachment.

Comments and Side Part Show after the installation

How stunning does this look? Oh! It looks so good. I just love it. Now you could wear it just like this. It looks great before actually using my pick to fluff it. But you all know I love volume. So I'm going to go in and create volume, and then I'm going to show you guys the finished results.

I am so impressed with this 13X4 lace frontal wig. it looks so good and I love that with this particular look. I look kind of tan with this hairstyle. Let me know what y'all think in the comment section. It's kind of giving me a suntanned look. I don't know but I love it. So this is what the curls look like up close.

I love how chunky they are on the ends. Try cooling them around your fingers. Guys, you all need to try this technique. I love it. I do it on most of my curly units and it looks so so great. Now I'm going to show you a side part, and then I'm going to show you what It looks like in a ponytail.

Conclusion Of this lace front wig tutorial

Nadula hair is also having a sale until the 13th. I believe I have a kinky curly headband wig from them and it's so bombing. I love their unit. They're affordable and good quality wigs. So you should check them out and let me know which one you like best.

Do you like the middle part? Do you like the side part? Give me your feedback down below of this lace frontal wig tutorial. Follow me on Instagram if you don't already check the description. I'll have all the links and specifications for this hair. I love you guys and I'll see you all in my next wig styling tutorial. Bye guys.